Aaron’s passion for people has allowed him to collect stories across the globe. Those stories coupled with his experience allows him to teach life lessons in parable format to enchant the minds of those who hear him. Aaron’s life laid the foundation for hard work, tenacity, and entrepreneurship. While he is an excellent speaker on the topic of Real Estate due to his years of experience, Aaron has a breadth of knowledge in business, networking, recruiting, and overcoming struggles.

Aaron has a unique perspective on success and how to get there. Aaron’s battle with addiction has allowed him to help many others overcome their fears and move on towards greatness, In this day in age many speakers run on and off the stage with little interaction; Aaron believes in being a resource to his audience, You will often find Aaron mingling amongst the audience asking them tough questions. It takes more than getting on a stage with a great story, and it takes modeling a lifestyle that others that can follow, that takes you from speaker to leader to a friend:

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February 2018

  • Walk with Sally
    • Private Event
    • Speaking on the  importance of relationship and the desire to inspire people.
  • Check Back Soon for More Events
    February 2018
    Waterfront Lab, 121 Market St, Hermosa Beach Ca


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