The YPN leadership retreat was a gathering of the minds of current and future YPN leadership.  The goal of this retreat has been to share best practices not just on how to build YPN Networks but also how individuals grow their business. It was a reminder that we will never arrive at success we must constantly grind. This business does not get easier; we have to develop more skills to better handle our clients. Seth Price from Placester were asked to moderate a session on the “Future of Real Estate” which is a fairly broad and fairly subjective. Here were some of the key topics we discussed, some with great excitement and others were eye opening.

Consumer Experience and What it looks like:

It is not about the agent. This is not Hollywood our names do not belong in lights. It is not about how great we are or what awards we receive; it is how our customers feel. Do we provide white glove and concierge service? Are we willing to do things that no one else will do? Are we an expert in our neighborhoods? Are we championing the causes that impact our neighborhoods?

Great Opportunity to Move into Leadership Roles:

With the average agent being 57 there will come a point where the leadership landscape will change. It will allow for new faces. It is important to remember that this industry was built on the shoulders of giants, we owe them tremendous respect. As a younger generation it is important that we provide them a way to leave a legacy for an industry and their careers. We may have fancy technology, but they have the key to success which is relationship skills that are not paralleled in other generations. We are going to see 10% of the upcoming agents doing 90% of the work as they will learn the balance of relationships, technology, and hard work.


Technology Evolution:

We have seen less innovation and more integration. We are able to create beautiful content and share it on multiple platforms. Did you know that a one minute video is worth 1.8 million words. We are going to continue to see the value of full motion video and great content. Seth is an expert and curating amazing content, check out his blog.

Our industry will see tremendous change and with it will come growing pains, but out of that will come greatness. I am grateful to be part of the discussion with current and future leaders. It is my hope that we continue to champion the cause of building a truly great industry.


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