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His dream was to become the 50th President of the United States. That dream is no more but has grown into something more substantial, to impact the world. With an Entrepreneurial spirit at an early age, Aaron started with a paper route, then on to a lawn care business, to odd jobs that he could find, then he discovered his passion putting together complicated deals and problem-solving. Aaron harnessed that passion in real estate and had expanded it to global entrepreneurship.


Born in Michigan, Aaron grew up in a household with seven brothers and sisters. His parents along with his siblings raised over 40 mentally and physically impaired children. Aaron’s childhood experiences shaped him into the man he is today with a passion for serving others and seeing them succeed. Aaron was active in his community, school, church, and sports through his formative years.

Aaron began his career in real estate over 18 years ago while still in High School working the summers for a large commercial/industrial brokerage. While attending college, he continued being involved in the local housing market.


Aaron has sold over $200 million in real estate and oversaw a portfolio Of 1600 multi-family units. He has run a top 50 real estate company with 900 agents as the Senior Vice President.

He has consulting experience with Sales Inc. a leading national leasing company. Aaron has consulted for many major real estate brands including Exit Realty, Berkshire Hathaway, Keller Williams, and others. He has also worked with
Deutsche Bank, hedge funds, and private family funds.

Real Estate has opened many doors for Aaron; it has allowed him to build an extensive network, travel the world, and develop into the global connector he is today. Aaron has helped develop technology start-ups, mentor small and large business owners, and developed strategic growth plans in foreign countries. His innovative approach and understanding Of Real Estate, Business, Technology, and Networking, make him highly sought after as both a lecturer, writer, and mentor.


Aaron believes that relationships are the foundation of any deal, he sets the audacious goal of meeting 100 people a day. This mindset has allowed Aaron to help others grow and reach their potential. When Aaron is not working, he enjoys time with his family exploring the world; he prides himself on being the best tour guide of Chicago. He and his family are always looking for opportunities to serve others.

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