Aaron is known for his efforts to meet 100 people a day. It is a mindset that he has had from his youth, and it may even be credited to his mom. Lynda was always meeting people to help others. So this movement that Aaron has started is rooted deep within him. This mindset is about bringing kindness and greatness to everyone. The power of relationships is sorely undervalued. Aaron talks to different groups, students starting their lives, companies, or executives about the ability to meet/impact a 100 people a day. 100 years ago that was not even possible; we live in the most significant age of communication. You can touch more than 100 people a day through social media platforms, but there is more to it. You can talk to the camera, tweet the president, and wave on facebook but it is about going more in-depth than the content it is about making real relationships after that first encounter. You will hear Aaron in his office every day calling people on their birthdays, anniversaries, and just seeing how the many people in his Rolodex are. He believes that the world will see significant change if we each try to impact 100 people a day positively; Are you ready for the Challenge? If you would like more detail on this presentation, please fill out the form below.


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